Management Message

                Minoru Usui, President

                We at Epson have exercised creativity and taken on challenges to deliver products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers around the world based on the efficient, compact, and precision technologies we have developed since the company was founded more than 75 years ago.

                In 2016, Epson established the Epson 25 Corporate Vision. This describes Epson's vision for 2025 and maps out a path to get there. We are looking to create a new connected age of people, things, and information by leveraging Epson's core technologies to drive innovations in four areas: inkjet, visual, wearables, and robotics.

                The 2019 fiscal year marks the start of work under the Phase 2 Mid-Range Business Plan for achieving this corporate vision. We will capitalize on the advanced core technologies, additional production capacity, and insights that we accumulated during the first three-year phase to continue to drive innovations in the four areas. At the same time, to continuously create and provide new customer value worldwide, we will create new markets by collaborating with business partners and embracing open innovation.

                We will cooperate with partners who share our aspirations of using Epson's technologies to create new products and services. This will enable us to respond rapidly to the needs of more customers.

                By using Epson's global sales network along with rapidly advancing information technology, Epson will be able to build robust relationships with customers.

                Furthermore, we are confident that Epson's inkjet and other technologies can play an important role in the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The innovations that Epson drives will create value by providing solutions to real issues and by helping to achieve sustainability. Initiatives like these will, over time, enable Epson to become an indispensable company that plays a central role in realizing a better world.

                Minoru Usui
                Minoru Usui

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